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Automated Reporting

Whether you already create recurring reports that are rich in data or are curious about starting, automated reporting can make your life easier. With automated reporting, you can have on demand production of a preset report and the possibility for further unique data exploration. This means less time is wasted creating the report, and more time is available for interpreting and drawing strategic insight from your data.

How Accurate is Your Accuracy?

A Framework to Think About Forecast Accuracy Since one of the main values of forecasting is to assist better planning and decision-making, that could understandably lead one to think “We want 100% accuracy, and if that’s impossible, then at least 99%!”. This “magical number” threshold, while a good thing to aspire too, can hold you …

How Much Data Is Needed To Start Forecasting?

As a rule of thumb, I personally like to have 3 times more historical data relative to my forecast horizon (the distance into the future I want to forecast). However, this amount of data is not necessarily a hard stop when you use simpler forecasting methods such as ARIMA and exponential smoothing. The reason I …