How We Add Value to Your Business

Turning Raw Data Into Actionable Insights

There are various ways to turn data into actionable insights with the end goal of increasing your bottom-line. The thread that binds all of these methods together is their dependence on input data. Directly below, I will briefly discuss the use cases for the services we offer. Further below, I will discuss how we get the necessary data to provide these services.


Use Cases – Presenting performance metrics to stake holders, discovering trends, explaining demographics, interactive insight discovery

How it Works – Given the unique data your business gathers, we can create a customized reporting dashboard that will create interactive graphs and visualizations. Even better, we can make this process automated so you can create a report whenever you want. Want more? We can even create an easy to use discovery platform so you can interrogate your data for new trends outside of the automated report.

App Creation

Use Cases – Task completion, internal audits, predictions, other

How it Works – This service is a little more open ended. We can make custom apps for your business for most processes involving information processing, predictions, analysis, or tasks. Let us know your exact needs and we can work from there.

Educational Material

Use Cases – School science or technology fair, after school programs, home-school activities, summer activities, library workshops, personal education

How it Works – Exciting projects with step-by-step directions, code, and explanations of how the code works. Also, these projects invite the user to customize the app in order to make their own unique product.

Risk Analysis

Use Cases – Loan Default Prediction, Credit Default Prediction, Customer Churn Prediction

How It Works – We can create models with various input data to predict whether or not someone may default on a loan, default on credit, or is about to leave your service.

Sentiment Analysis

Use Cases – Marketing Research, Demographic Discovery

How it Works – We can scrape posts from social media platforms and use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to determine the sentiment of your chosen demographic towards your object or event of interest. This process can be automated for recurring-use or be completed on a one-time basis.

Customer Segmentation

Use Cases – Targeted Marketing Campaigns

How it Works – Given data about your current customers, we can create a model that predicts whether a given prospective customer will respond positively to your marketing campaign. In direct marketing campaigns, this can save time, money, and resources by only targeting those most likely to respond positively.


Use Cases – Sales Projection, Crop Yield Projection, Price Projection, Investing

How it Works – Given input data of historical trends, current performance, and other sources of data, a model can be made using methods such as ARIMA, LSTM, or Regression Model with lagged data. These models can than predict the future results as well as giving upper and lower bounds at different confidence levels. This can further inform business strategy.

Augmented Creativity

Use Cases – Image creation (style-transfer), text generation (summarization and re-wording)

How it Works – Modern machine learning has moved beyond just predicting outcomes and can now create outcomes. For Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) can create novel images in the styling of your preferred work. Style-transfer algorithms can turn your original images into a work in your favorite style (pointilism, cubist, etc.). Modern algorithms such as BERT and GPT-2 also allow content production through text generation, with sometimes uncanny abilities.

Where Do We Get The Data?

If you have your own data, this is a great place to start. However, if you don’t have your own data we can still help you! If you are interested we can help you develop a data collection plan, which can further be used in our other products. Another option is scrape data from web-sources such as social media platforms or competing businesses. This data can then be used within our apps.

What Is Considered “Data”?

You may envision data as boring numbers that come as the result of the exciting business you run. However, any observable event or object that holds information can be converted to data. Data can be almost anything, from color, words, and sounds, to classical numeric measurements and records.

Security and Privacy

Your business with us is held private unless given consent to display your results as a successful case. Your data will always be kept private. We can create apps that are password protected. We can also make apps that are directly used on your computer instead of the web, ensuring your data doesn’t have to cross any firewalls.

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