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Below is an example of an interactive predictive app. This specific example is model to predict NFL football plays. If you have an event worth predicting and we can find data to make a useful model, than this format can be adopted to suit your needs.

Below is an example app for automated reporting and easy data exploration. You can also check out the video demonstrating its use (in the blog I linked to below).

Below is an example lookup app, this one specifically is for drug interactions. However, this format can be adapted for your needs and may be useful in situations where massive amounts of information need to be cross referenced and checked for patterns or interactions.

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  1. […]                 Shiny is the framework for deploying applications using R programming. These applications could range from a static dashboard to display an analysis to an interactive application that takes user input to build models and provide dynamic actionable predictions for the user. Shiny apps can be one page or multiple pages with each page having the option for different layouts with options for tables, graphs, text, images, and maps. A great resource to gather Shiny app ideas from is https://shiny.rstudio.com/gallery/. To see some of the apps I’ve made (due for an update) you can look at https://foretodata.com/example-of-apps/. […]

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